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"Once the Customer Trusts a Voice, the Relationship Begins." ~Jeff Gelder Professional Voice Acting and Recording Studio. Your words are best said by GelderHead!

Looking for an Live Announcer or Master of Ceremonies? Hire Jeff Gelder to be the professional Live Announcer / Master of Ceremonies for your next event. Jeff resides in San Diego, CA with over 20 years experience.

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@GelderHead Feb 18, 03:18

Its always great to welcome a new client to the GelderHead family, especially on a Friday! This week its Vistage... https://t.co/9Jf5zIh6RD

@MikeRaphone Feb 14, 22:16

The 15th year of @HolidayMagicCD - nearly 11,000 CDs delivered to hospitalized children at 71 hospitals! https://t.co/8bibG9Bu16 😍

@GelderHead Feb 14, 15:11

Happy Valentine's Day! https://t.co/jY6sQStWHC

@GelderHead Feb 10, 17:05

Many of you have seen Peggy perform at our Children's Holiday Magic Project fundraisers and our CD delivery at... https://t.co/fijUChTL0u

@GelderHead Feb 10, 16:54

Congratulations! https://t.co/u2Yr1MtDdG

@GelderHead Jan 20, 02:18

Love the rainy days in the studio. Whilst Oscar de la Puggle hangs by the fire! https://t.co/DPrXKwGHpA

@GelderHead Jan 19, 00:09

Thank you, Kadima Band! Hope you'll consider submitting another great song this year! https://t.co/iN2fiDv3w0

@GelderHead Jan 17, 03:33

Our first Board Meeting of 2017 was very productive. It's our 15th Anniversary and it's gonna be a great year... https://t.co/Mv2hTmTitp

@GelderHead Jan 01, 17:52

@TheVoiceofBrian @VoiceArtsAward @HolidayMagicCD Congratulations Brian! Here's to an even better 2017!

@GelderHead Dec 29, 22:04

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/fkirUDyxWM

@GelderHead Dec 29, 16:03

Last minute tax deduction? Donate here... https://t.co/c8xErCOZN3

@GelderHead Dec 27, 00:36

Wrapping up a great holiday visit with family and friends. Even squeezed in a little work to keep the voice warm.... https://t.co/9mQZUSNyod

@MikeRaphone Dec 24, 04:11

Such great work from so many artists! Shout out to @GelderHead , @HolidayMagicCD & the talented artists for making… https://t.co/0i3hPYjat1

@GelderHead Dec 23, 21:41

I just played Santa 🎅🏻 to the Pediatric ward at the hospital I was born at just a few years ago!😉 They were... https://t.co/C06cZCgefv

@GelderHead Dec 21, 06:22

I just supported Childrens Holiday Magic Project Inc at AmazonSmile. I shop. Amazon gives. https://t.co/EeBsjG7yOA

@GelderHead Dec 20, 20:12

This is one of the wonderful songs on the 2016 HolidayMagic CD! It was donated by the talented Ashley Linton and... https://t.co/7i8TDaqMDc

@GelderHead Dec 19, 02:14

Listen to the 2016 now, here: https://t.co/myyUQD8Hrf https://t.co/hyxHdzCpiV

@GelderHead Dec 19, 00:26

Want to hear the entire 2016 Holiday Magic, a Gift for Children of All Ages CD? Tune in tonight and every Sunday... https://t.co/boT7oOr925

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