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"Once the Customer Trusts a Voice, the Relationship Begins." ~Jeff Gelder Professional Voice Acting and Recording Studio. Your words are best said by GelderHead!

Looking for an Live Announcer or Master of Ceremonies? Hire Jeff Gelder to be the professional Live Announcer / Master of Ceremonies for your next event. Jeff resides in San Diego, CA with over 20 years experience.

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@GelderHead May 20, 20:12

I just supported Childrens Holiday Magic Project Inc at AmazonSmile. I shop. Amazon gives. https://t.co/yRP04jbhb3

@GelderHead May 09, 00:33

Need a Pro Voice for your phone system, commercial, website, narration, audiobook, explainer video? Listen to... https://t.co/wPPNXKgDhy

@GelderHead May 04, 20:11

My cousins Bobby and Kathy wrote this book. The documentary would be great, especially if you have any ties to... https://t.co/P57dLKKxf5

@GelderHead May 03, 02:22

.@TheVoiceofBrian Thanks for the retweet @TheVoiceofBrian

@GelderHead May 02, 21:38

Psst, if you've ever been to my studio and/or worked with me, and had a great result, it would mean a lot to me... https://t.co/kPWBHYPKXd

@GelderHead May 01, 02:51

@DustinEbaugh I just signed up! See ya there!

@GelderHead Apr 30, 20:29

Its what Santa does in the Springtime! https://t.co/D0c9HHDdjp

@GelderHead Apr 29, 22:17

A good time tonight! Hope to see you there! https://t.co/qLIxj0lvhI

@GelderHead Apr 26, 17:16

Therapy dogs are the best! https://t.co/XhRkGdDrwe

@GelderHead Apr 26, 03:19

I'm looking forward to co-emceeing this important and fun event for the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation with... https://t.co/dua18pot5C

@GelderHead Apr 26, 01:09

On-hold much? Recommend us and enjoy the experience more. https://t.co/1wFzCnToCd

@GelderHead Apr 25, 22:54

This moment of peace brought to you by Mother Natures finest outside the studio in the garden. Enjoy! https://t.co/yObYuEe80i

@GelderHead Apr 24, 22:31

I'm proud to be accepted as a Professional Member of this great group! https://t.co/VZbm7asN2S

@GelderHead Apr 20, 17:02

The healing power of music at work! https://t.co/xVPUliJPwv

@GelderHead Apr 15, 18:02

Good tips to know when you take a break from the studio. With spring and summer there a lot more bicyclists on... https://t.co/D9OlzMhqt8

@GelderHead Apr 06, 00:32

Know any business that could you a cost effective and efficient way to reach new clients? Or, maybe just a... https://t.co/1jDwVoF53X

@GelderHead Apr 03, 21:39

Finally found four new plastic sofa legs to replace the cracked and broken ones on my office love seat. (sounds... https://t.co/CdbtXLjaxY

@GelderHead Mar 31, 00:39

So true....;-) https://t.co/GwzgjYsRUd

@GelderHead Mar 30, 20:19

Thanks for your help! We're getting ready for the 2017 holiday season making smiles happen. :-) https://t.co/6oa51boqtG

@GelderHead Mar 30, 06:26

Here's some great words of wisdom from Simon Sinek for those of us who work alone most of the time. https://t.co/astvR8TlSy

@GelderHead Mar 24, 04:09

Optimists have a habit of seeing positive. Pessimists have a habit of seeing negative. All that is required to chang…https://t.co/dw8vaTBEo7

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